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I hope your week is going well! I wanted to reach out and make you aware of something that I believe could be very beneficial for all your students and our community as a whole. “Bubbins” is a children’s book series and humane education company that is teaching children about animal shelters and rescue dogs from a young age. Their mission is to help parents and teachers start a real conversation about the real issue of animal neglect and why it’s important to be kind to dogs and all living beings. They do this in a fun, entertaining and tasteful manner through the endearing story of Bubbins the rescue dog. Jason, the Author of the book series and his wife Michelina, have conducted “Bubbins Humane Education Workshops” at schools throughout New York and New Jersey and have successfully educated over 6,000 students in-person. They are now offering virtual workshops which last around 35 minutes and include:

  • A reading of “Belly Rubbins For Bubbins- The Story of A Rescue Dog” by Jason himself
  • A viewing of their “Bubbins Humane Education Video”
  • A question and answer session led by Jason
  • 3 common core standard lesson plans for students to complete following the workshop

As an added bonus, students and faculty are able to purchase books at a discounted rate ahead of their scheduled workshops! They also donate 51% of profits to shelters and rescue organizations. As someone who believes it is imperative that our children are taught that all living beings deserve kindness and respect, I implore you to consider bringing this much needed workshop into our school. Below is a video link highlighting their “Humane Education Movement” which has been viewed almost 8 million times! Also, below I am providing their website, specifically the link to their “Virtual Humane Education Workshop.”

Thank you for your time and consideration!