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Belly Rubbins for Bubbins: First Day Home (Hardcover)

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The second book in the Belly Rubbins For Bubbins series continues the story of Bubbins the rescue dog, who always believed he would get a loving family one day. After 11 long years of living in a backyard and a shelter, his dream finally came true! Follow Bubbins during his first day home as he discovers what a loving family really is. See his dreams come to life one by one and experience the gratitude he feels after waiting so many years for love.

However, change isn’t always easy, and new experiences also come with new challenges. Come on the journey with Bubbins as he finds the ability to believe in himself and conquer his fears. “Bubbins conquered his fears today because he always believed he could, he knew this was the greatest secret to life just as you should!”

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