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Jason and Michelina (Bubbins' parents) regularly visit classrooms and conduct Humane Education workshops with the kids! We can also offer virtual workshops to meet the needs of your classroom.

You can hold your own self-facilitated workshop with our Bubbins Humane Education: Classroom Edition. You don't need to be a rescue expert to spread humane education in your classroom.

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Classroom visits

Jason and Michelina (Bubbins' parents) regularly visit classrooms and conduct humane education workshops with the kids. 

Workshops can include:

  • A reading of Belly Rubbins for Bubbins by author Jason Kraus
  • Viewing and discussion of the Bubbins Humane Education video
  • Q&A session with Jason
  • Facilitation of Bubbins Book Lesson Plans 1-3 (Developed by Lisa Potiker of Pitty Pawfessors). 

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Humane Education Program: Classroom Set

If you'd like to hold a workshop of your own, check out our Humane Education Program: Classroom Set! You don't need to be a rescue expert to spread humane education in your classroom.

For $14.99, the Humane Education Program: Classroom Set is an affordable and entertaining way to educate our future dog owners. This digital classroom set allows immediate access to the following items:

  • Belly Rubbins For Bubbins: The Story of a Rescue Dog ebook (PDF)
  • Bubbins Humane Education Video (Duration: 8.5 minutes)
  • 3 common core standard lesson plans

51% of the proceeds from your purchase goes to charities dedicated to supporting rescue dogs!

View and purchase the Bubbins Humane Education Program: Classroom Set from our online store.


Lesson Plans by Pitty Pawfessors

Pitty Pawfessor Humane Educators provide educational and engaging lessons at no cost to elementary schools (whole school assemblies and/or classroom visits), children’s clubs, after school programs, libraries, and camps. The Pitty Pawfessors Curriculum is separated into 7 units that focus on character building and social emotional learning (kindness, caring, respect, compassion, empathy, trust, and responsibility). All lessons and teacher support materials are aligned to the common core standards for grades k-5 and social emotion outcomes for grades k-12.

Lesson plans for our Humane Education workshops were developed by Lisa Potiker of Pitty Pawfessors, and are available through our facilitated Humane Education workshops, or through the self-guided Humane Education Program: Classroom Set.

Download Lesson #1

Learn more about Pitty Pawfessors

Lisa of Pitty Pawfessors teaching


Accessibility materials

With the help of special education teacher Sydni Cohen, we are excited to be able to offer a version of Belly Rubbins for Bubbins that is specifically designed to meet the needs of readers with a variety of disabilities. Included throughout the book are features specifically created to support communication, vision, comprehension, and attention. 

Along with our Accessibility Edition book, readers may benefit from additional accessible learning materials, which can be downloaded and printed at the links below.


Meet Sydni


Sydni Cohen is a Special Education teacher in Maryland. She received her B.S./M.Ed. in Special Education, with a certification in Severe and Profound Disabilities, from the University of Maryland. She also studied American Sign Language at Gallaudet University and earned her Administration & Supervision Certificate from Johns Hopkins University. Sydni has been a Special Education classroom teacher since 2015, working with students who have a variety of disabilities.

While teaching, Sydni has experienced an issue common to those working in Special Education: a lack of teaching materials specifically designed to meet the unique needs of her students. Sydni and her husband Zach rescued their pitbull, Joie, in 2018. The story of Bubbins resonated with them because Joie also had experienced trauma and a long stay in an animal shelter before being adopted. Sydni wanted to use the story of Bubbins in her classroom, but rather than adapting the story for only her students, Sydni contacted the author, Jason Kraus, to see if he would be interested in creating a new version of Bubbins, with accessibility features that would meet the needs of many readers across the country. Jason immediately said yes, and together Sydni and Jason created Bubbins: Accessibility Version.

This book is specially created for readers who have learning, visual, communicative, and attention needs. Readers can differentiate this story using the tools embedded throughout the book. Sydni is excited to introduce the Bubbins: Accessibility Version to readers, families, and teachers who have struggled to find books appropriate for their needs. In the future, Sydni and Jason plan to collaborate on more books for readers with unique differences.


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Over 6,000 students can't be wrong: there's no better way to learn about rescue dogs than through our Humane Education Workshops!

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