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Fundraiser in a Box (25 Books)

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The Bubbins Fundraiser In a Box is an easy and simple way to raise funds for your favorite rescue or shelter while also spreading humane education in your community! 



  • 25 discounted paperback copies of Belly Rubbins For Bubbins: The Story of a Rescue Dog ($10 per book).
  • Custom countertop book display (FREE)
  • 8x8in window sticker to let everyone know your business supports rescue dogs! (FREE)


If you choose to sell the books for $15, you'll make $375 in total sales revenue, a profit of $125. You can choose to donate a portion of profits to your favorite rescue or shelter, or even use them to offset medical costs for your own dog or that of a friend! No matter how you choose to use the profits from your sales, 51% of profits from your purchase of the Bubbins Fundraiser In a Box is donated to rescues by Bubbins, LLC... Plus you're showing your community you care by spreading humane education!

Currently only available within the United States.