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The Real Bubbins

In the Fall of 2016, Gibbson (“Bubbins”) was found wandering the streets of Newark, NJ. Gibbson was provided shelter by the Associated Humane Society of Newark, NJ and was brought in on a stretcher, due to having several injuries. Gibbson spent around 1 month at the shelter and was then rescued by Green Mile Rescue (Morris Plains, NJ), as he was not in good health and may have been euthanized. Under the care of Green Mile Rescue, Gibbson was graciously given boarding and medical support at the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains.

While he was with Green Mile Rescue, many great people and organizations posted him on social media in the hopes of getting him a foster. My wife’s friend Erica who owns a dog walking service (Ready Pet Go- Nutley, NJ) saw Gibbson online and shared his picture on her Facebook page. My wife, Michelina, then saw what Erica had posted, which included a description of Gibbson. It was noted that he was a 10 year old pit bull mix, who was not in good health and had recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and the veterinarians were not sure how long he would have to live.

About a month earlier, Michelina had kept stating that she wanted to do something nice for the holidays, she wanted to do a good deed. This was her chance to fulfill that statement, and she immediately called me. At the time I was traveling five days a week for work to Chicago, but told her that if she thought she could handle it I had no problem with it. Then I proceeded to ask, what kind of dog, to which she replied pit bull. Growing up I had always heard that pit bulls were mean and dangerous, so I asked her if she was sure she could handle it… and she said she was damn sure.

I only saw Gibbson on the weekends due to traveling for work and for the most part he ignored me, because he was obsessed with Michelina. He was very friendly towards me, but just wanted to constantly sleep next to, or on my wife. Michelina pointed out that people had cut his ears off, that he had scars from scratches and bites all over his head and body, and that somehow his teeth had been shaved down. I felt so bad for him, he hadn’t ever any control over his life and had obviously been through a lot of pain and sadness.
One day my wife was out of the apartment and it was just myself and Gibbson. While Michelina was out, I found out from work that I would have to keep traveling. I was extremely bummed out by this news and decided to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling. To my surprise, Gibbson got off the couch and very slowly walked over to where I was laying. He looked at me and started licking my face. He then laid down next to me and let out a big grunt. At that moment I discovered the true nature of pit bulls and also reevaluated my life… because if after all he had been through, if he could be happy, then I certainly had nothing to complain about!  
From that moment on Gibbson became my son and to this day, two years later, I spoil the crap out of him. Michelina and I absolutely love him. We knew we needed to show others the true loving nature of pit bulls and highlight their resilience and ability to forgive and forget. Knowing that we can spay, neuter, shelter, foster and adopt, but until we educate it won’t stop… I decided to write a children’s book and educate future dog owners, the children. Not only did we want to help future dogs, but also dogs who need help now. So we decided to give a portion of the profits to charity, we settled on 51%, because the more you give, the more you get.

Love Dogs

Photo Credit: @matt.jadro


Jason always had the dream of writing a book one day but instead became an IT Recruiter, Government Background Investigator, and a Financial Crimes Analyst. After rescuing a senior pit bull, he became inspired. Gibbson (AKA Bubbins 😉) came to Jason and his wife Michelina with a thyroid cancer diagnosis. Jason and Michelina wanted to give Gibbson a good ending to his life, instead he gave them a new beginning and perspective on theirs. His unconditional love, resilience and endless appetite for affection inspires Jason and Michelina every day to be better people. Jason thought the world should know from a very young age the true loving nature of rescue dogs, especially pit bulls. So he wrote two books and gives back to the world by giving away 51% of profits, because the more you give, the more you get.